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Kristin Ash is passionate about diving. In the sea and in music. The latest pearl the Fribourg native has found: 12 songs by the great songwriter Dan Fogelberg.

Fribourgers are considered to be peculiar. Strong characters who don’t like to be interfered with – and let’s be honest: The Seisler dialect is widely known, but not particularly popular. Too edgy? Too peculiar? Perhaps. But perhaps it is precisely these peculiarities that are the reason why strong personalities from this canton keep conquering the music scene, which not only forms the linguistic border between French-speaking Switzerland and German-speaking Switzerland, but is sometimes simply forgotten between these two languages in the perception of many. In short, anyone starting a musical career in Fribourg has to work harder than someone from Zurich, Bern or St. Gallen. Not only Gustav or Marvin can sing a song about that. Kristin Ash knows it too. She has been a passionate singer and musician since childhood – and was able to achieve her first respectable successes early on with the legendary dialect formation “Rään”. But the big solo career didn’t really seem to work out at first: Major deals and a young singer, Zurich and Sense, big business and big dreams: worlds collide.

Luck: Friction creates warmth. Kristin Ash has used this form of energy to sharpen her artistic profile. She didn’t want to – no, couldn’t – become a pop starlet. And certainly not a showcase girl who warbles petty dialect melodies. Too early, Kristin Ash was confronted with the full breadth and depth of music as a form of art and expression. Her journey has taken her to where so many free spirits in Swiss music history have found an emotional home: To the south of the USA. Somewhere between the swamps of the Mississippi, the vast deserts of Texas and the fabled freedom on the Californian shores of the Pacific, Kristin Ash has found what corresponds to her musical soul. And with the work of Dan Fogelberg, a musical legacy in which the passionate diver has dived deep to lift and reinterpret 12 song gems of the first order.

How much of her own biography Kristin Ash has found in that of the gifted singer, composer and musician is left open here. One thing is certain: when the Fribourg native intones tracks like the first single “Leader of The Band,” she addresses the song just as much to her parents, who put music in her cradle, as Dan Fogelberg did. “Kristin Ash sings Dan Fogelberg” is a wonderful piece of songwriting art that wanders unexcitedly, at times dreamily, but always driven and carried by great feelings in the realms of country, Americana, soul, gospel and singer-songwriter. 

Songs like “The Higher You Climb” radiate an incredible power even without orchestral producer pomp, which we probably need more than ever in times like these. In general, Kristin Ash manages to stage Dan Fogelberg’s twelve songs with a lot of passion, but without a hint of pathos. Even “Sutter’s Mill”, which in a duet with Jamey Garner from the Nashwille troupe High South tells the story of the gold discovery in the sawmill of Johann August Sutter, the drunkard, land robber and human trafficker who triggered the Californian gold rush and who is often seen as a hero in this country, manages without this false heroic pathos. Kristin Ash’s latest album is a call to serenity; even the call “Run for the Roses” comes disarmingly cozy, in “High Country Snows” time seems to stand still, even the “Wandering Shepherd” comes to a rest at some point. And even when songs like “Magic Everey Moment” or “Missing You” pick up the pace: the inner peace remains. A calmness and an inner peace that you can possibly only find in the rough valleys of the Fribourg country – or the south of the USA. It goes without saying that “Kristin Ash sings Dan Fogelberg” was produced in Nashville.

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